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Simple as frick.

Very awesome anime with very overpowered character. Same feels as Buff Asta in Black Clover but slime.

Slime Tensei has been amazing for me. The first season aired late 2018 and finished in March of 2019. That's when I watched it. It's inSANE to think about how long ago this series started and that I'm still in love with it. Watching the second season brings back some memories about the first season, which I've forgotten most of. As of writing, the studio who's animating this series is currently on a break, having finished 12 episodes of the second season with the second half coming sometime in a few months. Rimuru Tempest (the slime) is the most overpowered character I know, better than both Jotaro Kujo, Guts, and Asta combined. And yes, he can beat Goku, don't at me. Some parts of the anime can be hard to sit through (specifically with me wanting to watch the MC destroy their opponent), like when something major happens and then it goes back to being calm right after. It just makes me want to skip to all the good parts and destroys my brain trying to wait through it all just to see some crazy fights. Being one of the most overpowered characters in an anime I have seen, this anime really ramps up the amount of adrenaline in my body at once to a maximum. I HAVE to recommend anyone who enjoys Shounen or Seinen anime to watch this.