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Redo of Healer you ask? Is it good? What is it about? Well, it's messed up, I'll tell you that. It's about a boy name Keyaru who gets tortured, manipulated by drugs, and has alot of sex, then kills a fucking Demon Lord and rewinds time to fix the corrupt nation he lived in. He eventually becomes strong enough to manipulate and then brainwash one of the girls he planned to seek revenge on, and uses her to his advantage throughout the entirety of the series as both a weapon and a toy. At the end of episode 12, he has a total of 5 girls in his "party" and is on his way to go kill someone that used to torture him in the weirdest ways, probably worse than anyone else. I reccommend watching this show alone because multiple times every episode someone is having sex, it's insane. There's a lot of rape, so be aware of that too. Lot's of people have disliked it becuase it is way too much, but I have to admit, I like it. I swear to you I probably only got hard about once or twice and that was because I'm a guy and that shit happens when I'm writing a test at school ffs. Of course any man likes to see tiddies, but that's not why I watched it. Well, kind of. I heard about it on social media saying that it was an ecchi type of anime, so I was like "Sure, let's watch it. How bad can it be?". Well I'm here to tell you, it's an Ishuzoku Reviewers level of ecchi. If you haven't seen that show, it means it's literally porn. Almost the entire thing is just sex and porn and boob and sex. But the difference between Ishuzoku Reviewers and Redo of Healer is that Ishuzoku is JUST porn and Redo of Healer is like, domineering, vengeance porn. They're both very different aspects of the same thing, I promise you. Redo of Healer just pulled me in, it was crazy. The entire time I was watching it I wanted to see exactly what Keyaru would to the opposing character as his form of revenge. About halfway through episode 12, he made the first person he brainwashed get on all fours like a dog and play with the character he had just captured to make his own, as in the future and last life, she tortured him just like the rest. It was weird but satisfying at the same time. You probably think "Oh, he just likes it because it's literally just porn. What a pervert.", and you're wrong. Of course I like boobs, but I also really enjoy overpowered main characters in anime. Characters that can kill almost anything without even trying, it's awesome. And not just that, but the plot of this anime was also really cool. Lots of episodes were there armies of men trying to kill off other large groups of people, where Keyaru would come in and kill them all becuase he was avenging someone or something. It's crazy. Just go watch it yourself. I loved it and hope you will too, but it's also 2021, the year where nobody can handle anything anymore.

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